6 Steps to Satisfaction

With more than 25 years of construction experience, we have developed a 6 step process for approaching facility renovations and maintenance that ensures every job is reviewed from the basic foundation of what is required and then works up from there, step by step. Nothing missed, nothing skipped. Satisfaction in a job well done.

That’s what we mean when you hear us talk about Bottom to Top Construction.

Our six step process makes sure you get exactly what you need:

1. Contact and Discovery

Nothing happens until we’ve spoken with you to understand your vision and determine exactly what you need. We listen, ask questions, provide advice and work through a discovery of what all the core requirements will be.

2. Assignment, Assessment and Recommendation

Once we’ve listened carefully to your needs, we assign a professional Tamarco Project Manager to your job based on their individual construction expertise in the areas related to your needs. That Project Manager attends the site and conducts a more in-depth assessment, provides recommendations and builds a detailed plan for your approval.

Your plan will include a detailed cost estimate with cost options as well as a work back schedule designed to meet your timing requirements.

3. Agreement and Approvals

Nothing happens until you say so. Once you have approved the plan, estimate and work back schedule, the job begins.

4. Construction Team Selection

With your approval complete, the Project Manager will select the right members of our team of professionals based on the specific requirements of your job. You will know that you have the right experience at work on every aspect of the project.

5. Execution Management

Throughout the project, your project manager will keep the job on schedule and on budget. They will visit the site daily and keep you updated at every key step. No surprises.

6. Satisfaction Review

At Tamarco, our job isn’t done until you are satisfied that everything is completed the way you wanted it. Your project manager will walk you through a detailed final site visit to examine the completed work and ensure your satisfaction.