Safety. Security. Confidence.

At Tamarco Contracting, Health & Safety is our number one priority. We go above and beyond compliance and certifications with all provincial and federal workplace safety requirements. Very strict policies are in place for all staff and partners and because of that we pride ourselves on our neat, tidy, and most importantly, SAFE offices and worksites.

Health & Safety

  • All employees/partners are required to complete Health & Safety training on an annual basis
  • Every new employee is required to complete Health & Safety training
  • Health & Safety information boards are posted at every job site
  • Health & Safety talks are given on a weekly basis
  • Our Health & Safety representative regularly attends safety courses
  • We have been accident free with the WSIB since 1989 and we intend on bringing this record through to each and every year!


  • $5 million liability insurance for your protection
  • WSIB coverage and an accident free record since our inception in 1989
  • All Tamarco employees and partners must pass OPP, CISD, and MGS security clearances (see below)
  • All staff are trained and certified in WHMIS, Fall arrest, Aerial lift, Health & Safety (see below)

In order to give our clients and ourselves peace of mind, all staff and partners are required to complete and pass three separate security screenings.

OPP Security Clearance

A comprehensive, in-depth security check that is completed by Ontario Provincial Police General Headquarters in Orillia, ON. For the security of our Customers, Tamarco employees must pass this clearance to be allowed in the building. This clearance does not transfer to any other building. This is a very in-depth screening process that goes beyond simply checking for past criminal history.

MGS/IO Security Screening

Ministry of Government Services and Infrastructure Ontario security screening process consisting of a CPIC clearance which is sent to MGS where yet another in depth security screening is completed based on the information provided in the CPIC. This screening is required before our employees can enter and work in any Provincial Government building or office.


An in-depth screening process that is completed by the Canadian Industrial Security Directorate/Public Works and Government Services Canada. All Tamarco employees are required to pass this screening process in order to enter and work in any Federal Government building or office.